Reunion Moonshine is made by Top Shelf Distillers, a small batch distillery from Perth, Ontario. We take pride in our craft and strive to be a distillery that adheres to the highest production standards. Our moonshine is made from all natural locally-sourced ingredients and comes in a variety of flavours in addition to the traditional clear 100 Proof spirit.


How to drink Reunion Moonshine

Reunion 100 Proof Moonshine makes a perfect base spirit for many cocktails and can be used instead of vodka and/or whiskey in caesars, sours, and martinis. Unlike vodka, 100 Proof Moonshine has a more pronounced, spicier taste with noticeable earthy undertones. Because of its natural spiciness, it can also be used in mixes traditionally meant for rum, for example, with coke on the rocks. Being what is essentially an unaged whiskey, 100 Proof Moonshine is an excellent choice for whiskey classics such as Old Fashioned, Manhatten, and Whiskey (Moonshine) Sour.

The flavoured moonshine, on the other hand, having only about 25% of alcohol per volume on average, can be consumed as a sipping spirit at room temperature or on the rocks with ice. If you are not a fan of strong drinks or are looking for an easy-to-make drink for a party or a family gathering, simply add a shot or two of moonshine in a tall glass with ice and top it up with soda water.


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